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  1. Hello everyone, Did anything change in the way leaderboard scoring works? I’ve tried a few fights on the map (giant of the mountains 7stars, sia 7stars), including PVP and it seems my score is the same on the leaderboard. I’ve also been overtaken by a few other so the leaderboard itself is not stuck. It’s somethig about me or my account :) Now: is this a bug or an error40 ? :) Cheers!!!
  2. ...and it seems it happens only on my iPhone 7. It’s all good on my Android device: a Samsung S7
  3. Ulizai

    Leaderboard stuck

    Here's a not that serious bug but nevertheless a bug with 100% repro chance - I take one iPhone 7 - Take the game - Go to the menu tab - Click on the Leaderboard - Click on any of the 3 tab buttons at the bottom of the screen (Play, Team, Shop) before the WebView gets populated - Result : WebView is over the rest of the UI displaying the leaderboard. Can't really navigate to pop it up again and close it normally so the easier way to close it is to kill the app and restart. Lemme know if something's not clear and i can look into recording a movie...if needed... Cheers,
  4. Ulizai

    Can't sell card

    Hello @eds_Yzia, So here's what i tried today: - Took 4 Elf Dog Hunters, 4fused them and Blockchainized them - Tried selling the card but i had the same issue. - Uninstalled Book of Orbs - Reinstalled Book of Orbs - Tried Selling again and it didn't work - Tried the WebApp and it went through again : card sold - Same device, same account same everything as mentioned above Question now: is there something you guys can look into at this moment or should i wait till next month and Blockchainize another card and i can ding you then? I mean, no hurries, i can always use the webapp but it would be more comfortable if i could do everything from my phone Cheers,
  5. Ulizai

    Can't sell card

    Hello guys, Sorry @psyc for any notification you might not want but i though about keeping the forum clean and using your thread :). I've have/had a similar issue. Used the Book of Orbs WebApp to finalize the transaction but i thought i would flag it here too, maybe you're interested in tracking down the cause of this :) Here are the details: - Running Book Of Orbs version 2.0.4 - On Samsung Galaxy S7 - Public address : 1AJ2PYT8PZnjbhFxQasS6x9qjwibyxtSHx - Trying to sell Viscula Tick << transaction pending now, used the WebApp. Getting the please wait on device and the window with transaction detail doesn't appear as in the WebApp (maybe it's placed somewhere i can't see it or some UI problem). Waited for a few hours and nothing happened. Used the WebApp and it went through like a charm (transaction still pending). Since this is my first post and i'm also a developer and blockchain enthusiast i'd like to add my : thanks for developing such a nice platform and keep up the good work !!! :) Cheers !!!