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    future of SoG

    Even though I am a newbie on the forum, I follow SoG very closely since well before it launched. I was wondering for at least a year why the game was not migrated to ETH. I can imagine that it was not easy to hire people being able to do the work during those crazy times. But one could appreciate that they were aware of this by intending to launch the next game on ETH. The game needs to be profitable. And as you say, there is no need to buy gems whatsoever if you have just normally decent cards. If we were on ETH, one could have different ERC721 for the same card (like skins). Suppose that blockchainization is triggered by a small ETH transaction, and depending on the size of the transaction, you will get cards that differ in their aesthetic aspects. I can imagine that many players are willing to pay for getting the most beautiful legendary. I understand that this road is closed as it would be costly. Another way would be a premium model that gives you access to certain parts of the game only if paid. Maybe it is feasible to run a trial on that. Well, it seems too late for now. The game is actually reasonably well designed. I do not know much about the gaming business, but I imagine it incredibly competitive where few winner takes the largest chunks. But there is room for niche games. A mixture of MtG and a bubble shooter fits my preferences, so I would probably enjoy it even if discontinued. BUT BRINGING BACK OLD MONTHLY CAMPAIGNS IS PARAMOUNT FOR THAT. Cheers.
  2. maupinga

    future of SoG

    Today I received the letter saying that the development of new features for SoG is put on ice. While it does not surprise me, I wanted to know, if possible, if new monthly campaigns will still be put out. Thanks
  3. maupinga

    pvp card prize: Viscula Ladybug????

    I was expecting something like this. Thanks for the quick confirmation...
  4. Hi there, I recently achieved pvp level 9, which entitles you to three common cards. I was very surprised that one of the three cards was a Viscula Ladybug, that is the four-leveled Ladybug, which is an in-game blockchain card. Can somebody confirm me whether in-game blockchain cards can now be randomly attained or whether we deal here with a bug (pun intended). By the way, so far no Viscula Ladybug was sent to my account.... Cheers.