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  1. Shorty1315

    Counterparty maintenance and update

    Hi Yzia - Is there an ETA for the December leaderboard rewards? Not trying to be pushy, just making sure it isn't something on my end! Thanks!
  2. Shorty1315

    Victory bonus is not added

    As of v1.2.21 winning with a perfect victory is supposed to provide bonus gold. The victory screen shows this, but it is not added to current total. E.g. Total prior to victory is 1201 Standard reward = 680 Victory bonus = 340 Total should be 2221, but only the 640 was applied.
  3. Hello, I know that there have been some blockchainization issues that were recently resolved, but it appears that there are still some outlying issues. I was playing SOG today and opened an asset to see that it said it could be blockchainized for 33 crystals. However, upon Blockchainizing the asset, 35 gems were deducted. I know after the first Blockchainization it typically requires crystals, but as you can see in the pictures, that is clearly not what was indicated. Post-Blockchainization I tried opening a different asset and received an error, however this asset also showed 33 crystals.
  4. Shorty1315

    Blockchainization issue part 2

    It appears to be fixed. Thanks!