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  1. KingSlamma

    Blockchain Card Price History

    @hikergirl1234 Where is a good place to tip you for this? Top five preferred currencies?
  2. KingSlamma

    Looking To Buy Several Cards

    Hi, it's been a while since I've played and I'm not sure the best place to get cards. Here are the cards I am looking for; CARDAUGUR, ETHEREUMCARD, DASHCD, DAOSOGCARD, FORKCARD, CRYSTALIBUR, and BTCMEETUPCD Does anyone have any of these for sale? Beside BoO, where else can I can look for these cards? I can pay with BTC, ETH, BCY, ENJ, XCP, any several others.
  3. KingSlamma

    Challenge Gold

    Nevermind 50 every 5 level and 10 on any other.
  4. KingSlamma

    Challenge Gold

    Does anyone know how gold is calculated in Challenge mode? It just seems to be all over the place. I'll finish on the same wave but have wildly different amounts of gold.
  5. KingSlamma

    Missing In-Game Cards

    Occasionally when I go to the shop and buy 10 cards with 1000 gold. I will go to my team and the cards will not be there. I have to restart the app, then they appear.
  6. I've noticed @Nicolas Sierro if you sit on the ad too long without closing it, you don't get the reward. I don't receive it at least once a day, getting really annoying.
  7. KingSlamma

    Purple Dragon

    Thank you
  8. KingSlamma

    Purple Dragon

    Has the purple dragon been released? Anyone know where to get one?
  9. KingSlamma

    Spirit of the Druids

    It's always worked for me, using chrome. Choose blockchain radio button at the top of the site, and click the plus button next to the card and it shows the stats. I don't think I've ever had a problem with it.
  10. KingSlamma

    Spirit of the Druids

    Flame all at level 4. Great resource: https://www.sogassets.com/
  11. KingSlamma

    Spirit of the Druids

    Great idea for all the new incoming players. Thank you
  12. Any resolution to this yet? I have had this occur 6 or 7 times, and I don't play often. I imagine this is happening a lot more to others. once you close the video there is no message saying you received the stamina and you dont receive any stamina. @Seb_degraff @Nicolas Sierro Any compensation?
  13. KingSlamma

    No fading boxes

    bomb used to be a thing.
  14. Both times I've watched the video on android I have not received the stamina.
  15. KingSlamma

    Moving Objects

    It's cool to see moving objects in the game. Would have been nice if it was later in the game and there was a reason for it, like a witch enchanted some objects, etc. Cool to see nonetheless.