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  1. Hello everyone, We had to deal with bitcoin network congestion this week and thus, some of you may have received an e-mail telling them that the blockchainization process could not complete. If that's your case, feel free to DM me the details provided in the e-mail and we'll check it. Sorry for the inconvenience, Have fun with our game !
  2. Hellow fellows ! I patched the js with @ptaczek's code. It works as a charm. I added his name to the code's comments and pushed it to production. Thanks a lot to @ptaczek for his work ! <3 (simon from the dev team in case you don't know me :-) )
  3. Quick followup on your request, Burning. We patched the web version of the game to allow spending ingame currencies in the shop. The feature will most likely be deployed with the next build. Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello Pancho95! Thanks for your interest in our game ! Can you check that your address has been linked now please ? If not, private message me, we'll sort this out in a jiffy ! Thanks, have a lot of fun !
  5. Oh thanks for reporting that bug. You should indeed be able to get cards on the web version. Sorry for the misunderstanding, we'll check this out
  6. Hello ! The store is only available through the app store versions of the game (Google Play and Apple App Store). Hope this helps,
  7. Simon

    Log in Proplem

    Hello ! Could you give me a bit more details over private message so I can help with your login ? I would need info like : are you trying to login into the game or the website, and what's your user name or if you can remember it, a bit of your email address you registered with. Anything helps. Also, did you check your "spam" or "junk" folder ? Maybe the mail got caught there... Hope this helps, private message me if it doesn't, we'll sort it out ! :-)
  8. Simon


    Hello, Thank for your message ! You should try clearing the cache for play.spellsofgenesis.com. Not only the cookies. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to write back to me. Hope this helps. Have fun !
  9. Simon

    Servers down?

    Great, thanks for the heads up !
  10. Hey guys, I asked for the input of the two people you reported for having suspicious activity on their account. If I don't get news tomorrow I'll lock their account so they won't show up on the leaderboard. Hope this helps.
  11. Simon

    Servers down?

    Hello, We had an interruption of service with one of our providers. The game should be back online now. Have fun, thank you for your help and sorry for the inconvenience !
  12. Hello, Thank you for your help and interest. We are investigating the issue. It seems that we have new cheaters indeed but we need to dig up a bit more info. I won't do anything before I'm 100% sure they cheated but trust me, I'm going to investigate this one starting Monday. Hope this helps, Simon
  13. Simon

    Infinite infinity not Infinite.

    By the way... Great job reaching level 35 !
  14. Simon

    Infinite infinity not Infinite.

    Hello, Thanks for bringing this up, we are working on it at the moment and will release a server update. Most likely this afternoon. Definitely during the week. :-) Hope this helps ! Have tons of fun !