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  1. Maintenance

    what ben said... running chrome
  2. Those are blockchain only. Purchasanle through book of orbs

    Yea, it seems like there are a lot of places to check for updates.. Trello Forum Discord Blog Slack?
  4. 1.2.8 black screen

    Cool! Reloading the game was getting to be a pain
  5. PAX

    If Paris week was a little too industry-centric you may enjoy the player focused nature of PAX
  6. Devs broke something

    The doubled gold display bug has been known since i want to say... April. You did get the normal gold though amirite?
  7. @panosdada Only the gold earned in campaign mode is counted towards monthly point totals
  8. Consoles

    Is there something about the nature of the blockchain aspect that precludes SoG from being ported to any of the gaming consoles? not so much a question. more of a curiosity
  9. So much good stuffs in the works.

    So BADWOLF... A earth element in SoG... has a fire element in BoO... his flavor text talks of his Black magic (dark).... Any story here? Also this shadow is wrong
  11. EDS has already said user created content is in the pipeline. I would imagine not til after next expansion when blockchainization is more established
  12. I honestly wasnt "that" close to uninstalling. But Myth was just so eloquent i just wanted to second their good input. Some of my own suggestions Have contests with user submitted backgrounds. Have people vote for the best background for each level. Croudsource that work. When your on the map screen; is there a way to have those four random cards on the team button reflect your actual team? On the team screen i can select someone from my pool and swap with teammember, i cannot select a team member to swap with pool... Any reason why? Some way to tell info during battle. Like a little question mark that when clicked shows enemy health, spell strength (of spells on field and enemies) etc.. A few of the cards artwork is just a zoomed in shot or in one case a mirror image of the previous evolution. Was this a deadline or a budget issue. Is updating the art on these cards possible? Thanks for all your hard work!
  13. ^ what Myth said. Polish this game. Make it shiny.
  14. The rarity hasnt changed. Only the time required to earn gold. If you are playing challenge mode instead of grinding boss leveles it is taking you more time to earn gold than killing orc or sia repeatedly right? This makes legendaries harder to obtain right?
  15. Less gold = harder to obtain legendaries
  16. Effectivly yes the gold reward is lower... This is somewhat offset by the card rewards.... This has two major effects. 1. Virtually increases the pay outs of challenge and raid modes 2. Virtually increases the rarity of legendary cards while increasing acces to epixs.
  17. @zippy It's more like EDS raised funds, built a nightclub with said funds, then the city denied their liquor license. They didn't say whoopsie we're ditching town and keeping all the money. They just opened up a speakeasy instead. EDS did their job. And continues to do it. 1.They released a set of collectible cards thar are usable accross gaming platforms using the blockchain (sarutobi, BotV, rust bits, etc...) 2. They launched a decentralized marketplace for such cards 3. They developed one of the most well executed arkanoid/pcpool/bustamove hybrids have ever seen. 4. They have releeased an update to said game what seems like every month since march. It's my understanding that this has all been done over the past 2 years. Angry Birds 'cost Rovio $140k, has made and took 9 months til first release The investors better know EDS' figures. I Am Not An Investor. I am a gamer. This game kicks angry birds ass. We live in a world where i can draft M:tg cards on my smartphone and and yet I'm playing this. If i were an investor i'd be MAKING MY OWN APP. Like seriously people. Any frickin game. Make a chess clone where your pieces can be cards from your collection. Make one of those sliding puzzle pieces games where the image is the blockchain card. Shit, make a fruckin screensaver app that diaplays your SoG collection. Investors..... Hasn't BCY doubled in price since ICO? Isnt that enough incentive for you to put some of your BCY reserves to work? Couldnt you pay a programmer or two to make a working third party SoG assets viewer app? I would pay real dollars for something like that on the app store. It's outside of my paygrade but the right person could bang out that projectover a weekend or two for a reasonable BCY sum. Investors are profit driven right?
  18. Coinsen coin suggestion

    https://www.coinsen.com/coinadd.php Bitcrystals is on the suggestion list. Just saying.
  19. Coinsen coin suggestion

    Coinsen is like ebay. Only they accept a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies for payment. It would be used to pay for items.
  20. Can't one just use a shapeshift creditcard linokd to their google or applepay or what not? Does shapeshift support bitcrystals?
  21. 7 star campaign is coming next patch. They opted to prioritize BoO integration and the new levels over the 7 star. Makes sense. boO integration is high priority for new player experience
  22. Nasdaq.com mentions SoG

  23. https://cointelegraph.com/news/how-blockchain-gaming-is-evolving-the-way-games-are-played https://themerkle.com/top-5-bitcoin-games-you-need-to-check-out/