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  1. joeychips

    Leaderboard Analysis

    So just to make sure I understand the chart, would adding all the green columns give us the total number of active players currently?
  2. joeychips

    About the fees

    I am glad more people are talking about switching off BTC due to the ridiculous fees. I know BCH might be an option but I have another one to propose. What I am really urging the community to take a closer look at is switching to PIVX. That blockchain is super fast and the fees will always be low; it is built into their system.
  3. joeychips

    Leaderboard Explained

    Thanks @Deluzi for clearing all that up about the leaderboard. There is so much I don't know.
  4. joeychips

    I just blockchained a card..now what?

    Are you referring to the price guide posted here: https://xcp.cards/sog Or is there a static price guide on the forums?
  5. joeychips

    Leaderboard Explained

    Can someone please explain the leaderboard in detail? I know this may sound a bit dull to most people, but I am not a typical gamer so I do not really fully understand what the leaderboard does exactly. If a player is in the 501-750 category, for instance, do they automatically receive 1,500 gold? Or do they have to somehow claim it somewhere? Also is there a running total of who is ranked where in real time?
  6. joeychips

    I just blockchained a card..now what?

    You need to use a separate app for Android called Book of Orbs. That is what I use. There they have a marketplace where you can buy and sell cards with Bitcrystals. Go here for more info: http://bookoforbs.com/index_eng.html Or I think you can also buy cards through your desktop here: https://swapbot.tokenly.com/bot/spellsofgenesis/public-merchant#choose
  7. joeychips

    About the fees

    I would like to formally and strongly urge the developers of Spells of Genesis to completely unhinge card purchases from the Bitcoin network because the fees remain way too high. For many weeks now, just to buy any one card (regardless of Bitcrystal price, the transaction fee is $15 to $20 dollars; that's ridiculous! This has been and will continue to hinder user adoption and market growth. In fact, I personally would have bought way more cards if the transaction fees were reasonable. Yet that has not been the case for a long time now. And no end is in sight as to when the Bitcoin developers will switch to low fees to use their network. Moreover, there is no clarity that the Bitcoin developers even want to switch to lower fees like the old days. In light of these sad truths, I would highly and eagerly recommend switching to a very low fee cryptocurrency with a fast network such as PIVX or Bitcoin Cash. How long would it take to make such a switch? Please consider this and let the community know what it would take to switch away from Bitcoin and onto a more efficient and economical blockchain. Thanks for considering this important step for such an otherwise great game.
  8. joeychips

    Blockchain Card Price History

    As stated previously, I love the site you build. However I could not find Heavenly Shepherd on it. Am I missing something?
  9. My issue has been resolved as of a few days ago. Just wanted to update the community. Thanks.
  10. joeychips

    Blockchain Card Price History

    That is really a cool feature. Wow! I think I just became your first Twitter Follower for this. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks @Nicktalop. That makes sense. The card has reappeared.
  12. joeychips

    Blockchain Card Price History

    This is a really great tool. Thanks for making it. It would be nice if something like this was built into BoO marketplace.
  13. joeychips

    About the fees

    If the game could switch to PIVX, which has super low fees and is very fast, I think it could solve the ridiculously high fee problem. The current state of things has definitely deterred many from buying and selling new cards. Right now, just to put a bid in on a card on BoO costs over $12 US in Bitcoin. Same cost just to list something for sale. That will totally kill any potential this project has. I could see maybe a one cent fee, but that's about it. What is the developers' plan to resolve this?
  14. Please help. A few days ago I blockchainized an in-game card called Guardian of the Source of Life. For days in BoO, that card showed up in my history tab as pending. So I could not try and sell it, but I could still play it in the game. Yet last night and this morning, the card is gone from my game, is not anywhere in my deck, and also completely gone from BoO history. Can someone tell me what has happened?
  15. joeychips

    Book of Orbs Not Loading

    Ah, the first thing you suggested worked instantly. Thanks so much! Hey if you are on Steemit, let me know and I will upvote lots of your posts as a sign of gratitude!