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    Changes to Challenge Mode

    If it makes you feel any better, I can't get much past level 33 with blockchain cards. The issue for me is I don't want people to be forced to grind challenge mode, it makes the game too tedious. My suggestion is to not give a gold reward for challenge mode, but have a ranking system based on how far people get. Maybe have a seasonal ladder. But it should not be the grind fest it is today. It's too time intensive and I have no choice but to do it if I want the best gold/stam ratio.
  2. alexmat

    Changes to Challenge Mode

    Looks like the strength buffs only last two rounds in challenge mode now. They used to last three rounds. This nerfs the MAMAGRUN/BITCOINISTCD deck that made it fairly easy to get pretty far in challenge mode. I personally think the nerf was justified, having used the deck myself.
  3. alexmat

    Mother Bird Swapbot

    New Swapbot shop open, trading Mother Bird for BTC. https://swapbot.tokenly.com/bot/alexmat/motherbird