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  1. Hello, sorry for the delay, Actually the bot still crawling the leaderboard and I'm looking for the better way to expose this data. I will show you a prototype as soon as possible. have a nice day Nolan
  2. Hi guest, It's not cool to loose on videogames, but please don't be agressive like that . Personally, I don't think the game is scripted. Sometimes the buff appears behind all the enemies, sometimes it appears in blackhole (bug? already reported on the forum) but in my opinion it is the randomness of the game (Maybe you are very unlucky) I already experimented the issue (once time) where sog didn't paid me for ad I watched, but all the other ads were paid. Finally about the ingame shop, I think too that it's a bit expensive compare to the other popular games, but you can totally play to SOG without buy any crystals. If you have any question about strategies or best cards to have write us a post on the forum with a less agressive title and i'm sure we could help you. <3 Nolan
  3. Hey, I just start the robot right now, it will crawl leaderboard every hours since now. I will try to build an interface that shows some meaningful graphics with this data. @BenRPG do you want some specific informations, specific graphics you would like ?
  4. Exactly, to be clear i'm developer but I'm not working for EDS . I'm personally interested by the types of information we could extract of this data, The question "What is the real rank I can claim on the leaderboard with my game time" or "What is my score evolution through the time", etc.. And finally it is a good and interested exercice for me to develop tools like that, pretty funny
  5. Well, I don't think with legit way (I'm not cheater ). But, in the final room of "The purple dragon" you have weird behavior that generate sometimes lot of damage. This time I waited something like 3min that the score incrementation finished
  6. Hello, --- I'm a web developer and SOG player, I would like (i'm going to) create robot that crawl the leaderboard page of spellsofgenesis website (something like each hour) and store results in database. Actually, I don't know what to do with this (I thought about some figures or user stats like velocity etc..). If you want, I could share you this data. (EDIT: I have to ask to Everdreamsoft if they agree with this before) --- That was a bit off-topic, Actually I have 93'000 point, one more player at 100k soon Nolan
  7. Un peu la même chose, J'étais bénévole à la NipConf 2017, EverdreamSoft avait un stand pour SpellsOfGenesis. La personne m'a super bien vendu le jeu et le concept de blockchain (je connaissais très très vaguement le sujet) ça ma tout de suite beaucoup plu.
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