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  1. This has got me wondering as well. I initially thought that it could simply be related to the attractivity of the monthly blockchain rewards. But it does not really seem like it. Do you spend all your free gems on refills? If not that could be one explanation. Daily rewards account for about 30*680=20400 more gold per month on the leaderboard, even more with the additional gold piles.
  2. Hi, first of all big thanks to the developers for two new campaigns! I am pretty hyped to complete them! :D On the book of orbs web app there's a new card alongside Gummy Yummy and Ethermage. It's called Polymathcard and the name is Ice Minotaur. Have I missed any information as to how this card can be obtained or is that still forthcoming? I'd like to see Alrik and The Orc being addded to the book of orbs list as well as sogassets.com and xcp.cards having the new cards added.
  3. Burning

    December Leaderboard?

    The campaign is pretty late this month but I'm sure we'll get it on Monday. I think it's due to the team being under time pressure from the presale of their new yummies game.
  4. Burning

    Water cards not protected by Shields?

    I just tested this scenario with the monthly challenge, a Heavenly Shepard and shields from Carniath Creator and Jaya. I CANNOT confirm this bug. When shielded by 6 or 10 Heavenly Shepard took no damage from hitting spikes. Could it be that you were using a weak shield like from Alrik on a very high hp watercard? In that case the shield would simply not be enough to mitigate all the damage from the spikes which scales with the total hp of the card. A hit on the spikes should take off roughly one fifth of the cards total hp. A bug that I have noticed but found difficult to reproduce is that under certain conditions on certain maps unshielded shots register hits on spikes twice losing me large chunks of hp. An example I have is hitting the right sight of a genesis raid map with my trident card. I only hit the side once but it took 4 hp off of my 8 hp card when it should have only taken off 2. Same has happened with other cards in similar situations.
  5. Burning

    December Leaderboard?

    Can you comment on when the Ethermage card will be sent out and when the new december campaign goes live?
  6. Burning

    December Leaderboard?

    The December leaderboard just went live. It seems like the progress from the past three days was not saved though unfortunately. Oh well.
  7. Burning

    December Leaderboard?

    The team has been awfully quite around the weekend but that is normal. I hope they push an update today including the transfer of ETHERMAGE card to the participants, a new leaderboard and most importantly the new campaign. The November leaderboard is locked so my guess is that they have actually recorded the December progress but I'd definitely hold out spending gems to make sure the gold is actually registered on the new leaderboard.
  8. Well, I have done so now and the wallet has acknowledged all my blockchain cards. Hopefully that means I'll receive the card then. Thank you.
  9. Burning

    Gold piles in game

    This has happened to me as well. And only with the 500 reward, too. However you actually do not lose the gold in general. If you check carefully the leaderboard gets refreshed/credited as soon as the gold starts raining down on your pile. Even if you retreat you will both receive the gold on the leaderboard and on your ingame balance in nearly all cases thankfully. Nontheless the proper closure of the game should be fixed of course.
  10. Hi, I have downloaded the Casa Tookan wallet but how do I actually connect my account to this wallet? I tried to restore a wallet by entering my book of orbs wallet seed but it does not work. The mnemonic words must be different. I tried to use the tookan browser to open the book of orbs app that it shows but this just leads to the boo web version. How can I make sure that my sog account/boo wallet is connected to the tookan wallet so that I receive the ethermage card when it is released? Bonus question: Can a stuff member please already reveal the Ethermage stats so that I can decide whether to bother with this or not?
  11. I have installed the Casa Tookan wallet but it does not really work that well on my phone because the screen size is all screwed up. I tried to enter my book of orbs seed to restore the wallet but that does not work so I created a new wallet and tried to link my account/bookoforbs wallet somehow but I cannot get it to work. When I use the Tookan browser to get to open the bookoforbs symbol this opens the web version. Is that supposed to be where I enter my seed? How can I make sure my account is linked to receive the ETHERMAGE card?
  12. Has something changed about the gold distribution in levels? I used to get gold piles every third or fourth round of monthly challenge. All between 5 and 140 in size, mostly around 50, and never more than 1 per level. This seems to have changed though. For almost two days I didn't receive a single gold drop but in the last level I got 2 for the first time ever. And one of them was absolutely huge. I don't know the exact amount but it was over 400 which has never happened before.
  13. Burning

    Dawn of May is broken

    That's very interesting. When I first saw the level and noticed the intention to use freeze cards I was immediately afraid of this bug. Luckily for me though it seems fixed. I have played through most of the levels so far and even tried to provoke this bug by aiming for close shots into black holes after picking a freeze and it has not happened to me so far. So it definitely seems like they have done SOMETHING but maybe it was not enough. Is there any special situation in which you encounter this bug most frequently?
  14. Burning

    Error "Null reference ..."

    Do you encounter the other prevalent bug at the moment, the missing raid game bug? Raid games will not appear in your list until you have played another game before. Even if you reload your entire page the raid will not appear before you haven't played another normal game or raid. I wonder whether these two bugs are related.
  15. Burning

    Error "Null reference ..."

    I have encountered this problem myself and also contacted eds_Yzia about it. The current situation is as follows: If I start up Firefox, open the game tab, immediately log in to my account and play a game, this bug will occur 100% of the time after finishing the first stage of a game. However I have also found a way to counteract this. If you start a game without being logged in you will encounter the tutorial. What you need to do is playing this tutorial to second or third stage to give the game a chance to load this "object instance". After that you can safely login to your account and play without encountering this bug. This is at least how it is with my game.