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    To make money of course!
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    Sorry I did not make myself clear. I was speaking in general but the economics matter when buying/selling in large quantities when the variance will have a much larger effect. Before making any kind of investment it is important to understand exactly how the market works. If the card price never changes on the premiere merchant shops etc, but the value of BCY does then buying BCY when it is low to buy cards makes sense. If however the price of cards bought for resale changes based on the BTC/BYC/USD variance timing would be different. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I am sort of confused as to the economics of things at the moment. The exchange rate for BCY to BTC moves up and down daily but the base price of cards at the merchants stays the same ( RIDANCARD is 150 BCY for example). In BoO as well people generally sell cards + - a few BCY iregardless of the current exchange value to BTC (and with it to $ ¥etc) or convoluted XCP. This makes me think that the best course of action from an economic point of view is to not buy BCY and leave BTC in my wallet until such a time that BCY is low allowing me to purchase a card significantly cheaper depending on the market price of the day. Is this correct or is there some aspect of the economy I am missing? Will things continue as such after launch or will there be a sort of unpegging of value? Thanks
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    Can't buy BCY

    I recently cashed in my LTC... Traded it for BTC and want to buy BCY but in order to do so I need to change it to XCP first. There is no way to do this in BoO. And indiesquare has some issue with its shapeshift.api at the moment meaning I have lots of money to spend... but no way to spend it. Once again I have to reiterate that jumping through all these hoops makes things very unappealing for myself and probably a deal breaker for someone new to the game/economy. I look at a wallet like coinomi which allows you to hold balances in any major coin and seamlessly transfer between all balances and how easy it is without the need to go to any outside program or app. The shapeshift.io website of course allows direct anything to BCY transfers but im having to use an outside website which I would really not like to have to do. Thanks
  5. On FireFox the game does not seem to update to 1.0.6 I have also never been able to join a guild. Perhaps it is disabled at the moment. I seem to recall reading that multiplayer is not online yet as well.
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    Global Launch - hold it!

    Perhaps the argument turns into a difference of ideas as to what the purpose of BTC is. Is it a store of value? A ledger? A commodity? All of the above? For bitcoin to be useful for financial transactions they have to be: 1. Fast. 2. Reasonably priced. 3. Secure. At the moment it is struggling very much on points 1 and 2. Transactions are being processed very slow and fees are too high compared to other coins and traditional services. Being able to buy alpaca socks and a pizza instantaneously is a great part of the appeal. Likewise, few people will want to wait to play with their expensive newly purchased cards. Instant gratification is unhealthy... but it is where humans are now.
  7. If anything having a way to buy BCY directly in BoO would be ideal. I really do not want to have to rely on any outside apps or websites to make my trades/purchases. I find all these conversions and trying to keep track of their values and rates etc really off putting. Looking forward to future updates! ありがとうこじさん
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    Music in the background application

    Me too. Even with sound FX and music muted sometimes the SFX come back.
  9. ・How you use BoO(which environments, how often, how many trades etc..) I use BoO on my google nexus 5x. I have made a few trades only and have used indiesquare as well. I open the app itself probably once a day just to check my balance and transaction progress basically. ・What you like about BoO(Where we are doing well) I think the overall interface is good. I like seeing all the different cards available. Seeing the recent trade prices is also great. The ability to sort owned vs not is wonderful. ・What you don't like about BoO(Where we can improve) Please note all of the bellow is written with love. I fully support this project and want it to succeed. That being said I feel there is a lot to be desired and improved upon. I have 2 Sarutobi cards now as there were delays and problems with the original transaction. I also somehow ended up making the purchase with HIGH fees which was a shock. BoO crashes 2 times before it opens every single time. Crash Crash Open. Given how consistent it is in this behavior though I do not mind it because I know it will work eventually. The most annoying thing though is the lack of the ability to buy directly in BTC or even buy bitcrystals in BoO itself. I have to go into indiesquare and buy XCP with BTC and then use XCP to buy bitcrystals. For BoO to be a success it has to be standalone. I should not have to need alternate applications to buy cards in BoO. The whole process above also requires me to write down the prices and conversion values on paper first. Having the ability to show the values in BCY BTC and USD (or yen for us in Japan) would be super helpful. I found due to all the various steps above and fluctuations in currency values it was better to buy the Sarutobi card directly one day and better to buy Sarutobi coin another day. I suppose this opens the door for a kind of Forex trading within app which is fine. Documentation is scarce. Do the wallet addresses all link to the same account? if I receive a card on address 1 does it show up in games that are linked to address 2? I do not feel like spending real money to find out. ・Feature requests(if any) Of course BoO is made with SOG in mind. I think in the future though a skinable app would be nice. The overall old tarnished spell book fantasy theme clashes with race cars and meme frogs. The ability to have favorite games in the list or the ability to delete games you are not interested in would be nice too. As other people have mentioned there is no way to know if a card is good or not. Why should I buy X card for my team vs Y card? X is more expensive but I have no idea what it actually does in game. Y is cheaper.. and the art is nicer.. but what does it do? They are both water cards... ok great but... rarity and price are not indicators of "better". It is very hard to make an informed purchase. Thanks!
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    Free cards?

    Thanks for the info.
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    One of my challenges is to complete 3 multiplayer challenges. As far as I can see there is no way to complete this task at the moment.
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    Free cards?

    Thanks for clarifying this. The label of FREE CARDS makes me think that they are still available for free. Perhaps the label should be "Ended giveaways" or something similar.
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    Free cards?

    Are these cards free and if so how do I get them? WATERSCOURT is shown as one of the 2 free cards but is 80 BCY in BOO. Am I missing something?