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  1. Hi! There is a mistake at the BCY Burn Report for November https://bitcrystals.com/november-2018-bitcrystals-burn-report/ The card sales "DEX sales" were not added to the total BCY in the spreadsheet. So total to be burned should be 59445 BCY. Cheers
  2. trebormag

    Raid loss points subtracted twice

    Hi @eds_Yzia ! Now I was at PvP Rank "Br" and lost against "Si". 30 points were subtracted - OK. But again, after closing and restarting the game, another 30 points were subtracted and I got the message that I lost a rank. I don't believe -60 points for one loss is intended. Cheers
  3. trebormag

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    By the way, how far do you get in the challenge mode? My record is wave 41.
  4. trebormag

    Gold in Level - version 1.2.19

    Got one drop with 1071 gold, total 1751 🙂
  5. Hi! After facing this issue several times, I managed to take some screenshots: Starting with 82 Points: Game over: 20 points subtracted for loss, OK: But half hour later I logged in again and another 20 points are missing :-((( So total -40 points for one loss 😞 Shouldn't it be only -20 points??? Cheers!
  6. trebormag


    add 1.)  A friend already uninstalled the game because of that: "There was something about an update... had to enter my password again... did't work...maybe wrong password... installed the update... and again had to enter password... no password reset option... deinstalled the game..." Looks like if you enter wrong login, perform the update, then original login data is lost :-((( Password reset option should be available also at game not only on website.
  7. trebormag

    BoO 2 cards not recognized

    Another BoO bug on Android (V6.0): Selecting a card from the "Collection" and then hitting the "back" button from Android closes the whole app instead of getting back to "Collection" I know there is a "close" button upper left which is working but the back button is working fine with all other views.
  8. trebormag

    BoO 2 cards not recognized

    To sum up: XULNOCCARD (Blockchaincard from 2016) and MERCHANTCARD "Card Merchant: West and East" (Blockchaincard from 2016) should show up at BoO! CARDMERCHANT (ingame card, shown at BoO) has wrong label. It should be"North and South" 
  9. Hi! I imported my old collection address as "watch only" into BoO. It should contain all of the first 101 issued SoG Cards. But it only shows 99 cards 😞 After digging a bit: XULNOCCARD and MERCHANTCARD are not recognized in BoO. www.sogassets.com show them correctly (see screenshots) Could someone check if XULNOCCARD and MERCHANTCARD are also not recognized in SoG game? I can't test... collection is on paper wallet.. BoO only shows the ingame card CARDMERCHANT which can be blockchainized from the game. And the label is wrong. Should be "North and South" not "West and East": There is also a bit mess here: "Card Merchant: West and East" is shown as ingame card, but it's the blockchain card MERCHANTCARD from 2016 There should be a "North and Soth" which evolves from "South" not "1459" Cheers!
  10. trebormag


    Dear SoG Team! Congrats for your new version and the 2 new campaigns! Well done! But to make the game even more perfect I have 4 more suggestions/bug reports for you 😉 1.) Just before the update was available at play store, the previous version showed: That's bit confusing because it says "Please close the app.." but there is only the "login" button which takes you here: And no option to close the app. The "back" button from Android also doesn't work and you have to kill the app... Suggestion: "Close" Button which closes the app instead of "login" Button 2.) Web Version: Both on Firefox and Chromium (Ubuntu): If you click "Visit a Table!" it wants to open it in the same tab/window instead of a new one. So if you click "Leave" http://atablegame.io will open and if you hit back in your browser the game starts loading again! If you didn't register and are on "private browsing" all game progress is lost 😞 Please open in new tab/window like the mobile versions do! 3.) Was testing the game from beginning: 2 times there is the "hand" missing: One time where you should buy your first card, it doesn't guide to "shop" (no screenshot) And one time (see screenshot) where you should tab on "Adventurer" at the upper left corner. This is very hard for a new player to figure out how to continue!!! 4.) After refilling your stamina with 2 gems at a "Battle start screen", it takes you back to the map and you have to tab on the specific battle again. Some versions ago it automatically got back to the "Battle start screen". That was much more comfortable 🙂 after refill: instead of here: Cheers!
  11. Thank you so much @Knight! I was struggling several days with "webXCP" error: WebView was deactivated on my phone: and now activating WebView resolved it and got the ethermage card! :-))) @eds_Yzia
  12. Hi! When will december leaderboard go online? It still shows that one from november. Will collected gold starting from 1st december be added to december leaderboard or should we save gems for stamina refill until december is activated? Cheers
  13. Exactly! You got it perfectly @eds_Yzia! If you ever plan to add a leaderboard for max. damage ( Players looove leaderboards and competition!!!!), this issue should be solved! Some more screenshots: before, during and after the spikes moved down: The total damage of 462 is false and results of that bug. Cheers!
  14. trebormag

    BookOfOrbs no "Sell High" Orders displayed

    Hi @eds_Yzia I am using the latest version of BoO on Android and faced this problem for several weeks also with fresh installations. But since beginning of this week it works fine again! It's solved now! 🙂 Maybe there was an issue with an external api or something? cheers