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  1. daimlercs

    Book of orbs bug

    Ty for the info
  2. daimlercs

    Book of orbs bug

    Ok ty for the info. Now the book of Orbs is working but i didnt received my Blockchain card yet. My book of orbs is linked to my account. Does i have to wait sometime too to receive my prize? i got 49th place on the December contest.
  3. daimlercs

    Book of orbs bug

    My book of orbs keeps saying loading.... and get stuck. Any ideas how to fix this???
  4. daimlercs

    Missing bockchain card

    Also, i cant load Book of orbs. It keep saying loading....
  5. daimlercs

    Missing bockchain card

    So its first time that i win a blockchain card, i finished in 49th place in December Magic Castle contest. Would like to know when i will receive My card as prize, i received only 12k gold. Also my BoO is linked to the game.
  6. daimlercs

    Leaderboard f.... up.

    Please check ASAP leaderboard for november competition. There is a "ADVENTURER" that is in all positions!!!
  7. daimlercs

    October leaderboard - You are Joking, right?

    Same as me. No reward yet
  8. So, have been playing this game for months. I really love it and i feel that i have to give my contribution. I always been playing other games for ages and its a awesome idea how achievements can contribute to the game in both sides (players and developers). So, here is some ideas: - Win badges for some Boss that was defeated for example. - "Combos kills" should give also badges and also gold or cards - The badges must be visible to other players Thats all for now. Thanks in advance.