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  1. Sigoan

    ETHERMAGE card coupon not found

    I got the ETHERMAGE card after a while. I was disoriented by the messages. After the first attempt to activate the coupon, I checked the availability of the card. Card was missing.
  2. Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  I am trying to get ETHERMAGE card. I received the email with coupon code. In this email button "Send me my gift" disabled. I copied the coupon code to form in Casa Tookan. But then I click "Claim your gift!' I see message "Coupon not found". Could I get ETHERMAGE card?
  3. Sigoan

    Wrong blockchainization

    Everything is fine! Thank You. I wish you success in this interesting case and in general! ☺️
  4. Game version number: 1.2.18 Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) and WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  and Firefox 62.0.3 / MS Windows 10 I tried to blockchaine my card ("Aodh the Dark"). It was first blockchainization in this month. I received message about error. Card is not blockchaned, but counter got status 1/3. Now I must pay 35 diamonds instead 200 crystals. (200 crystals have not been withdrawn).
  5. Sigoan

    Evolution of PvP players

    All the time it was interesting which level is the maximum. Above level 14, there is no one?
  6. Sigoan

    50% uploading in Windows 7

    Unfortunately did not help. Perhaps it will be useful to know that this is the first launch under MS Windows 7 on this computer.
  7. Game version is 1.2.16. I have no any problem in Windows 10 and Android. But in Windows 7 game upload about 50% of progress bar. This problem exists in Firefox (60.0), Chrome ( 65.0.3325.181 ), Vivaldi ( 1.15.1147.42 ). What could be the reason?
  8. Sigoan

    Losting diamonds in a card store

    Thanks for the answer. I apologize for not visiting the forum and not seeing it. The problem arose a long time ago. Most likely then the version was smaller 1.2.14. I was going to write about it for a long time. I come to thank for a new update. It definitely has confirmations. The game is getting better. I sincerely consider that your projects and support the best in the blockchaine gaming industry!
  9. This is more a request than a bug report. Please add an operation confirmation to the ingame card store. The diamonds are removed immediately after pressing the button. One day I accidentally hooked the button. Because of this, I lost some of the diamonds that I planned to spend on blockchainization. It's not deadly, but unpleasant.
  10. Game version number 1.2.7 and 1.2.5 (web browser) Channel Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) and WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0 I have 90th place in the October leaderboard. When I enter the game, I have a message with congratulations. After that I get 2 messages. First about rewarding. The second is about an unknown error. These two messages are very fast and I can not take a screenshot. In September I successfully received the reward. All this happens in version 1.2.7 on the mobile device (not in the web browser).
  11. I had counterparty adress in my SoG profile. I have 3 blockchain cards. From Android version I connected with Book of Orbs. Adress in my SoG profile was changed and I lost my blockchain cards. I want to return my previous Counterparty adress. But I can not to change it in my profile (https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=profile). How can I return my previous address, where I have blockchain cards?