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  1. Hello, Thank you for telling us the problem and our technical team is now fixing the issue. Thanks, SoG's team
  2. Joanna

    New Player of SoG

    The game's design is quite interesting, especially collecting cards and upgrading power. Some points, I found it confused as a new user for the game which are: 1. The role to fight and the instruction to kill and defense aren't clearly stated which I don't know what I am playing. ( I suggest that specific instruction should be given at each level.) 2. The numbers in the bubbles should be clearly explained, (suggest to add that in the tutorial before starting the game), explains those are the numbers of chances they will attack you after the times you shoot, and also with the green shield logo on the left upper corner means one extra lifespan. 3. Extra suggestions: Buying cards after they wanted to retry can be added after the game ends. What about a Jackport spinning gift at the corner?