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Found 11 results

  1. Dear users, Our blockchain server is temporarily down. Our developers are investigating the problem but for the time being, no blockchainization & no coupon redeem are possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Wizards is the Crypto Kitty on EOS. Will be interesting to see if it succeeds. The game starts end of this week I believe. The developers are China based. Why I think this game will catch on is because players will be battling for EOS rewards. I.E. MONEY!!. Not just for fun. Check it out. https://game.wizards.one/#/wizards
  3. krotik666

    Help the newbie.

    Hello! I installed the game in the phone. Played a little, but how to earn tokens? I tied the address in the game to the wallet IndieSquare. But there are no these tokens.
  4. Hi everyone, Like all of you, I became very interested in blockchain technology as a way to invest in the future. I decided to play Spells of Genesis because they allowed you to blockchainize your cards and resell them for a profit for BCY, a cryptocurrency. The game provides a mechanism for buying in-game gems which can be used to purchase Loot boxes (random cards) for $USD. Loot boxes let you receive random legendary and epic cards; one is essentially gambling USD in order to get better cards, which they can fuse into blockchain cards. All of this can be done without any kind of actual gameplay. For example, I can purchase $800 worth of cards, buy 10s of loot boxes, crystallize the cards I don't want, and then use my crystals to fuse the cards I want to turn into blockchain assets. You can then sell your assets on the Book of Orbs app for BCY. In other words, Spells of Genesis is a gambling broker which sells you BCY, disguised as a video game. I have been doing this for a few cards. I am waiting for my entire party to be blockchainized, then I'll sell all my cards for a profit in the future. This is why I have downloaded the app. If you want to, the entire app can be used as a mechanism to acquire blockchain securities which can be held like any other financial asset. I am pretty sure loot boxes are against app stores' terms of service, unless all probabilities are disclosed to the users and I am willing to bet that these assets can be classified as securities. Anyways, I hope all of you make lots of money with BCY while it lasts.
  5. TeknoRapture

    Card Trading Guide

    Hello, I was wondering if there happens to be a SoG specific guide for trading cards, all I've been able to find is a generic tokenparty guide, and I'm a bit afraid because some cards can be traded in fractions. I don't want to waste any cards! (I'm giving a couple employees of mine cards as "Bonuses") Thank You!
  6. Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain-based trading card game, represents a paradigm shift, bringing the very unique feature of true ownership of game cards. Since our successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2015, we’ve been working hard, showing the path to other projects and helping to shape the future of the gaming industry. Now, together with our partner All 4 Games, we’re bringing our vision to the global gaming market! What Can You Expect? At launch, there will be over 200 levels, divided into 20 campaigns. Within the first month after the launch, this number will increase to around 300 levels.The game will be available worldwide, on AppStore and Google Play in nine different languages:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.The global launch will be preceded by a one-day game downtime, due to the servers maintenance and preparation. All your in-game achievements will be reset, but unused Gems you’ve purchased previously will be then credited back to your account. Special Blockchain Card for Everyone All the players, ancient or new ones, who’ll download and play the new official version from AppStore or Google Play, and who’ll have linked their game account to their wallet by the end of April, will get a special blockchain card, available only on this occasion!The cards will be distributed in the beginning of May. New Adventure The global release is not the end, but a great start of a new and even bigger adventure!Our developers will keep working to add new exciting features, such as the multiplayer mode, or in-game cards tokenization. And much more… On June 29, we’re going to release a new game expansion. After Askian and its inhabitants, you’re going to discover a brand new region - “Marva Magica”. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this unknown country. “The Twelve” will accompany you throughout the whole SoG adventure. And you’re going to meet them very soon… Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep yourself updated!
  7. Spirit of the Druids, our special global launch gift, is on its way to your blockchain wallets! I'm going to confirm you when the distribution is finished. If you feel like having fulfilled all the conditions (as described here) but you won't find the card in your wallet, please DM me and I'll double-check it.
  8. Naked Hiker

    No trading in game cards?

    I was thrilled to get a life fruits grower card, but then realized there's no listed value or exchange for them. I guess you can only exchange blockchain cards?
  9. Allow gems to be used in public merchant and in fact all swapbots to purchase Blockchain cards. Would open the game up tremendously.
  10. I just found out about Blockchain and Bitcoin not long ago. I am using a couple of PC's RAM and GPU to support authentication for Blockchain and getting paid for it. Of course when SoG hits the street and everyone wants to play there an opportunity for us to help support and profit from the game. Can we discuss the currency and hashing that SoG will use? Bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. There are evidently different setting for the mining algorithms. NeoScrypt, Lyra2REv2, CryptoNight, Lbry, Equihash, X11Gost. I am new to this blockchain business, but I think what is happening is that by running my CPU and GPU (video card) the Bitcoin or pool (can I mention the name of my pool? and give my wallet for reference to those who also want to participate?) I am supporting transactions around the globe. For the use of my equipment and electricity I get paid in cryptocurrency cool! Actually I was looking at setting up a solo site with an antminer (ant farm) and that is how I found out about SoG. I really love the game, the concept and so far SoG game play and community. Thanks for all the help in the forum. Can or will you tell us how to set our computers and ASIC devices to benefit from and support the launch of SoG? One of the issues we have on the phone when playing other games, pokee something for example, is the lack of connectivity and lag. Everyone hates lag. I suspect we only need the blockchain when authenticating trades and for those really special blockchain cards. (true or false?) This is why the game runs so well on our mobile devices. That and I read that you shrunk the size to make it more playable. Thanks again. How can we participate outside the game? (other than playing) (telling our friends) (and adding quality content to the forum) Can we help? (hints about resources required to field SoG) What does SoG need in the way of community support? I suspect merchant and coin sellers are another good topic of discussion.
  11. KingSlamma

    Unlevel Blockchain Cards

    It would be great if we could unlevel blockchain cards. Right now you can crystallize an in-game card, no matter what fusion and what level it is at. When you do this, you get most of your crystals back. So if I have an in-game card you fused/leveled up and you find that you don't use that card, you can crystallize it and receive most of your crystals back. If you level up a blockchain card and find that you don't use the card, your crystals are trapped with that card. Maybe you get 3/4 or 1/2 of the crystals back when you unlevel it. Get 3, 8, 15, 30, 60 crystals back when you unlevel your blockchain card. This would also come in handy if you are planning on selling your blockchain card to someone else. You can get some of your crystals back from it.