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Found 7 results

  1. 3x Satoshicard, 1x Mages of Anonymity, 2x Bitcoinist, 2x Mamagruen, 1x Rest of the Gruen family, 1x Fire Angel, 1x Water Angel, 1x Crystal Dragon,..... tons more. Hi all. I am looking to sell my SoG Account/Collection. If the account can be sold is depending on SoG ToS which I will study. https://sogassets.com/address/128p2i3zJswC5FJj8Zd1S5L9mQNx7fTqGc This is the collection of blockchain cards. There are some more which SoGAssets does not show. These are the ones I have blockchainized and were not originally blockchain cards. The sale is for all Counterparty assets on this address (plus account if legal to be sold): https://xchain.io/address/128p2i3zJswC5FJj8Zd1S5L9mQNx7fTqGc As you can see I have all the base legendary cards quad fused and blockchainized. Further ton of quad fused epics (not all yet blockchainized) My account is on PvP level 14 (highest) and has 7 stars on everything including all monthy campaigns so far. A ton of commons and rares that can be cristalized. All assets will be transacted through escrow. Make me an offer in here or through PM. If you would like to purchase parts of the collection only, This can be done for Satoshicard only but in general I am looking for a single deal. I accept BSV, BCH or BTC. Edit: The ToS seem to be offline when the link on that page is clicked. Unless SoG informs me that selling accounts is prohibited the sale will be for the account also. Or maybe the ToS will be online again later so I can check: https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=register
  2. Context: Upon purchasing cards, those with slower internet questions will only seen the "?" symbol before it disappears off the screen and you have to manually see the card art design in your "team" section. This, in my opinion, dampens a lot of the initial excitement that comes with opening a new pack, and becomes a chore to actually find your card's art once you gain a number of cards. Suggestion: Create some sort of rotating loading screen in theme with SoG Lore (like a rotating coin or something) that builds anticipation, while in the background all the card images are loading. End result is the user experiences a lot more excitement when the "EPIC" or "RARE" message pops up with the art design present to boot. For incredibly slow connections, a hard cap or time-wait ceiling can be put at 10-15 seconds.
  3. TeknoRapture

    100 Cards Option in the Shop

    I'm at a higher level now and usually wait for 10000 gold to buy cards and it's getting to be a pain to keep clicking on the button, so why not add a 100 cards button? It looks like there's enough room. Also there does seem to be a better chance for epics doing it this way but I think that's just a statistical fallacy...
  4. Context: Upon pressing backspace on the mobile on a battle scren, the user is prompted to exit the app. Imagine if every time you wanted to close your current WhatsApp conversation, you'd be prompted to leave the app and what you'd have to do is click the backspace arrow on the top-left of the screen. It's intuitive for users to click their phone's backspace to return to the last screen that they were at in-game, and having the "exit app" prompt pop up breaks the immersion and causes frustration in the long run. Suggestion: Allow the backspace to return you to the world map from the battle screen, as opposed to prompting the exit. When at the world map, then the backspace can prompt you to exit the app.
  5. Context: Levels of activity are generally a bit low, and this is amplified by the fact that there are loads of different sub-categories of discussion boards "game strategy", "general discussion", "bitcrystals economy", etc... Suggestion: Merge a lot of the forum categories together. I am not going to give specific suggestion on this, but I would say the vast majority can fall under "general discussion" for now, and then as activity picks up and it becomes difficult to manage - sub-divisions can be created. At the moment, the forum is just incredibly divided and it gives the impression that it's more inactive than it actually is.
  6. pairmike

    Selling Cards

    https://sogassets.com/address=1Pa8fckbcdiMAA4twWyvdgbQ7QYoQMiBct Selling cards. Make me an offer.
  7. Since I read this I was thinking you could go on this more systematically. am not suggesting here the harder part that is strength of each card, just how should all look together. I was thinking of higher class for few most rare blockchain cards, higher then legendary. Could be upgraded 6 times using 240 crystals for last level. ( i think blockchain users will have way to many crystals really fast). No many cards would be this "half-god" class. Maybe only the ones that are issued as less then 300 and are originally SoG cards like (SATOSHICARD, FDCARD, BLOCKSIZECD, XAJIBOSS, CCMCARD, BCYDRAGON) Also since there are Epic cards that was issued only 400, those could become Legendary. So Legendary cards would be all cards isued in 400 or 500 lot (KINGREINDEER, TALISMANCARD, MAMAGRUN, GASTADGRUN, TROYGRUN, KAYLAGRUN, TINYGRUN, MAYALCARD, WATERANGEL, FIREANGEL, SATOSHILITE, XAJIBESAAR, RIPPLECARD, GENESISCARD ). This way we would have 6 "half-god" cards and 14 legendary at this point. CrazyLola was issued in 2000 lot MamaGrun in 400 lot, but both are Epic cards. Dont really makes sense. On other hand I am not sure why new cards issued in 2000 lot are at all Epic. They should be only Rare, so as all cards that are unlocked. So Epic cards would be only the ones issued in 600-1200 lot and locked. + few old cards that was sold for many BCY back then. BEARWHALECD, XAJIBASILAAR, EMERALDETHER. While doing this also keep in mind that "Add strength" spell is to strong because it last 3 rounds and not 1 round as all other spells. Hi, Players! Thanks for all of your feedback. Based on the players feedback and research to other games, we have come up with a plan to increase the power of epic and legendary cards (both in-game and blockchain). Currently, the real power of epic and legendary cards will only come to surface once you quad-fuse them. We are currently planning to rebalance these cards so that they will be stronger in general, even in their un-fused state. In order to keep the blockchain cards competitive, we’ll also make them stronger, so the balance between in-game and blockchain cards will be maintained. We hope this enhancement will increase the excitement of summoning an epic/legendary card! Thanks, SoG’s team