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Found 4 results

  1. These are the in-game cards I used to complete Challenge Mode. Note they are all fully fused, so you will need four(4) of each card. Slots: First: Firefly fused up to Viscula Firefly Second: Spectre of Swamps fused up to Yellow Shaman Third: Tick fused up to Viscula Tick Fourth: Water Spear Black Smith fused to Water Spear Fighter to heal any early damage I used Firefly first to get the extra attack to everyone so the other cards would have it in time for Shaman target all Shaman is second so I can get it out relatively early. Tick third to get to all the cards that with a 3 timer or higher. Spear to heal any early damage, later damage will almost always kill one of your cards. I would purposefully not immediately kill an enemy so I could setup firefly or shaman for the next round.
  2. KingSlamma

    Challenge Gold

    Does anyone know how gold is calculated in Challenge mode? It just seems to be all over the place. I'll finish on the same wave but have wildly different amounts of gold.
  3. Problem: Many players(including me) seem to experience extreme fatigue @ Challenge, especially playing the lower levels over and over. In my opinion it feels like a complete waste of time and a haul. Suggestion: Threshold stage every tenth level (or X levels). To activate a new threshold you have to complete the previous ten levels X number of times without dying in a row. Reward for jumping past previous levels to a threshold stage could be rewarded only if player reaches the end of the next ten levels. Please take this serious because the current state ruins the game.
  4. When you try to play a campaign level and you don't have enough stamina, a pop up displays asking if you want to refill your stamina for 2 Gems. This does not happen in challenge mode. Currently, in challenge, if you don't have enough it does not ask you if you want to refill. Not sure if a bug or a suggestion to add this to the challenge mode.