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Found 2 results

  1. Bigfishhead

    Cards drop rate

    Hi Team, I understand RNG is a total random in game and some times just matter of luck... But from what I observed in the past couple of months the Legendary drop rate "going down" a lot recently? (Sep and Oct) I probably opened 200k at least gold each for the past two months on two accounts and not yet to see a single Legendary from gold pack? Probably just my bad luck?😫 Is there a total cap of how many Legendary to distribute through open packs per month?... Cheers
  2. Bigfishhead

    Gold piles in game

    Gold amount: Something changed in gold piles in game today? The amount of gold increased a lot and it looks like are more than 300 each time in the monthly campaign? Is this intended? Good for us Speed change after shot through gold pile: I actually noticed when the gold pile feature released. When your team speed is slow or you get slow effect by opponent ICE effect you can see this more obvious. Basically when you shot through the gold pile your shot is more powerful/speedy than it should be... Feel free to test it out. Is this intended? Actually pretty cool !