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Found 3 results

  1. Eddy

    Guild Charters

    Here is the form you fill out to start a guild in the SoG forum. Form 01: Guild Master Application - Award Dinner Registration You will need to know: Guild Name: Guild Master: Notice of welcome, Email, Affiliation if any: coin, card, color, Manifesto: --- Form 02: Guild Master Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Test - Understand your KSA's There are lots of ways to get information across. To the reader and back through ideas like the suggestion box and standardized testing. It may be that to advance in the guild, at least writers have to make their own test, their own form, their own sheet, pictures, stories and such. KSA EXAM --- Form 03: Guild page or index in the library : OK Project - XXX Guild Link
  2. Guild Structure - Org Chart, Guild Info, Master, charter, membership, bank(qr), etc. Guild Charter - In game sphere of influence. Guild Affilliation - Crypto Currency centric - Some say that the orbs we seek are coin not card. The Lost Cause - Play-yaaa They just play SoG and not visit the Forum. -- Membership Requirements: Read charter.
  3. KingSlamma

    Guild Boosts

    Allow guilds to build monuments, or worship blockchain gods to give boosts to their members. Members contribute to these boosts by giving items, gold, crystals, etc to boost their effects. One could boost guild members experience gain by 1% each level. Another boost gold gained by 1% each level, etc.