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Found 2 results

  1. KingSlamma

    Replay Levels

    I know it's been mentioned before, but I thought I would throw it into here. Being able to replay old levels would be great for new plays when run into levels they can't beat, especially with the new Boss level added. They can replay old levels to build up enough gold to buy cards. Maybe make the stars and bars a little larger. I'll use the picture as an example. If a player wants to go to previous star levels they click on the star to the left, or the star with a 2 in it, and vice versa. If the player wants to play a previous bar level, they just click on the bat they want to play. When clicking on the bar it will display the level and have the play confirm they want to play it. Some levels give an extra 100 coins for playing them. I think this should only happen the first time you play the level. After that, any time you replay the level it should go back to the same 10 coins per 1 stamina ratio. Letting people replay old level could open up more possibilities for Quests and Achievements. Also, letting people replay levels could open up the possibility of having hidden or difficult to unlock bonus level. Thoughts, suggestion?
  2. Il y a une fonctionnalité que j'adorerai avoir, c'est le replay. Il m'arrive de faire des tirs incroyable que j'aimerai revoir, immortaliser ou même partager... J'imagine que ça n'est pas forcément facile à implémenter mais juste un replay du dernier coup serai déjà sympa.