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Found 3 results

  1. still waiting on the card reward for March contest any idea when they will be sent ?
  2. I have just received 490 gold for finishing the Sia battle once more. This is double the amount I normally receive which is 245 (used to be 140 or so untill yesterday). Here is the screenshot. Before I got the gold, I noticed that my dragon was kind of getting active to fire, although all enemies were beaten already. Maybe one of the enemies go pushed into the spikes or something. Anyway, if anyone finds a way to exploit the glitch, let me know. Between, yesterday I managed for the first time to beat Sia flawless (All cards on full life total). I have a screenshot of that too but it's on my home computer.
  3. KingSlamma

    Daily Rewards

    I think having Daily Rewards should be high on the list. This is a great way to get players coming back everyday. I know it works on me. Monthly rewards: Feb. 1: 10 gold Feb 2: 15 Gold Etc Feb 5: 1 Crystal Etc Feb 20: 1 Gem Feb 28: Rare Card But to make it to the very last day you have to visit the game EVERY Single Day Or you could just do a daily running rewards Day 1: 10 Gold etc Day 5: 1 Crystal Day 6: 30 Rare Card etc Day 30: 1 Gem Day 150: Epic Card etc If you go with this one, you don't have to come back every day to advance, but it sure doesn't hurt.