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Blockchainization issue part 2

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I know that there have been some blockchainization issues that were recently resolved, but it appears that there are still some outlying issues. I was playing SOG today and opened an asset to see that it said it could be blockchainized for 33 crystals. However, upon Blockchainizing the asset, 35 gems were deducted. I know after the first Blockchainization it typically requires crystals, but as you can see in the pictures, that is clearly not what was indicated. Post-Blockchainization I tried opening a different asset and received an error, however this asset also showed 33 crystals. 

Pre-Blockchainization 33 crystals.jpg

Post-Blockchainization missing 35 gems.jpg

Post-Blockchainization error on new asset.jpg

2nd attempt post Blockchainization 33crystals.jpg

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Hi @Shorty1315  

Many thanks for this report. I inform the dev team about this, they will have a look. 

I will get back to you as soon as I have a feedback or if they need more information.

Many thanks again for this helpful report ! :) 




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Nice :)


The reason if for a while, I was updating your account to get your problematic ongoing blockchainization card complete and remove the linked errors. I also btw reimbursed you.
You surely connected into your account at this moment and sees the above screenshots errors.

Now everything is set-up back correctly, amounts are correct now.


Cheers :)

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