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DEC Monthly Leader Board issue

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Hi Guys,


1. The DEC monthly Leader board did not kick start at beginning of Dec like another months does which is first issue. So basically all of the campaign gold are not calculated into the new Dec month in the past few days.


2.  Recently today on my first log into the game the Leader Board ranking/gold calculation refreshed again. I received a pop up shows that I finished in place of 281 for the month and 3500 gold reward... which clearly a mistake/bug. I was placed within 50 a few hours ago even with the past few days in gold not calculated correctly issue in above 1. 


Overall it looks like some bugs for Leader Board....

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13 hours ago, Jasper Damman said:

Hey. Thanks for the report. Yes we had some issues with the leaderboard.

From now on it should go well, or are you encountering new problems still?

No. I was pretty lucky in the past few days got some nice amount gold piles triggered but shame it was not calculated in Dec leaderboard. Thats all. 😂

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