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Quest completion and Tutorial are conflicting

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When I had my first "quest completed" like shown on the screenshot below, it pop-up but the tutorial was laid right on top. 
I didn't took a screenshot with the tutorial on top but basically I had to do 2 fights with the "Quest complete" in the background and click around where the tutorial told me.
The tutorial was showing where to click but I couldn't see anything because the "quest completed" pop-up was right on top and i couldn't close it. The button to close the "quest complete wasn't working because of the tutorial was laid on top. 
Same thing happened when i first leveled up, the screen that shows i leveled up was conflicting with the tutorial. (Now i had 2 pop-up over the the tutorial "quest complete" and "level up"

I could only close them once the tutorial was over (the screenshot i took was after the tutorial was over. so you can see i can finally close it)


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a simple fix would be to delay the first "quest complete" and first "level up" for after the tutorial is over.
i.e, require more experience to complete it.

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