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Let's talk about marketing

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Copy of a post in this original thread below. Posting here because not much action outside of General Discussion

Let's talk about marketing (or lack there of). 

EDS allocated 15 000 000 BCY for marketing and promotion from the original crowdsale. Can we please get an update on how this is being spent , has been spent? 

Let's talk about a facebook competition that was running for days before the community was notified by either Slack / Forum / Official Blog and was then only pushed out to the community 3 days after being complained about in Slack.. 3 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!! 

Let's talk about the fact that the last 2 promotions have been run on FACEBOOK ONLY... Not every SoG member has FB! 

Let's talk about the fact that SoG has a dedicated marketing person: Marketa, who I assume is @makosch on this forum.  Let's talk about the fact that this post has been live since July 4 (created by a sincere SoG member trying to better the community) and since then no-one from SoG has even acknowledged it! 

Now let's talk about the official SoG twitter... Let's hypothesize that the SoG twitter is to promote the game to NEW PEOPLE not associated with SoG (fair right).  Then let's discuss this tweet below, looking at it as someone who has no idea what SoG is...


No mention of blockchain, bitcoin, or gaming!  No one that is not affiliated with SoG will have any idea wtf SoG actually is!  

No mention that you can download it right now on mobile.  No mention you can play for free.  No mention that IT IS A F*CKING GAME!  

This is not an isolated occurrence - the word "gaming" has been used by SoG in ONE TWEET SINCE July 21.  Seriously, scroll through the twitter as a noob, THERES NOT EVEN A DOWNLOAD LINK ASSOCIATED WITH ANY TWEETS! PEOPLE WON'T EVEN KNOW IT'S A GAME!!! FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU


So, please, let us discuss marketing... 



PS. I posted something like this in Slack and was requested to post on forum. 


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Hi, guys!
I have analysed the profiles of this game on different Social Media platforms, and  have a conclusion that the most active is the Twitter acoount,
but you should improve Facebook and Instagram accounts to get more audience because the idea and a game is very good!

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