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Moonga says You Good Bye

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Dear Moonga Warriors!


Since 2010 when we launched Moonga, we have lived an amazing adventure all together!

We  imagine that for you Moonga’s been as important as it's been for us.


Unfortunately, its performance has been decreasing, unlike Spells of Genesis which is a young game in its beginnings.


We are still a small team, and technology has been evolving very quickly these days and that’s why at this moment we are not able to update Moonga to keep it compatible with the latest mobile OS version. For this reason, unfortunately we won't be able to support Moonga anymore.

If there are any developers interested in taking over the further development of Moonga, we would be happy to provide you with any possible support and help.


You may say that Spells of Genesis, our second project, is more important for us and that we keep working on it, while Moonga has been let fall apart. We can hear you, but we cannot maintain both games. Nevertheless,  it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about Moonga anymore!

The world of Moonga where you’ve passed so many great moments keeps going on in Spells of Genesis.


The gameplay is definitely different from Moonga, but you will find there the whole realm of Moonga through the cards and characters you know.


We would be happy to see you joining Spells of Genesis and to offer you an equivalent of your current Moonga account, tailored for Spells of Genesis. If you are interesetd, please e-mail us (info@everdreamsoft.com).


We want to thank you for your overwhelming support you have been given us for so many years and we hope to see you again very soon!


The EverdreamSoft Team

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